The Kyrgyz Republic is well-known for its beautiful mountains, some of the highest in the world, untouched nature, horse riding, unique culture and traditions steeped in nomadic history, however not many people know that the Kyrgyz Republic is also popular as a great spot for extreme sport and adventure lovers. Breathtaking views, fresh air, kind people and low prices create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the adrenaline rush as many times as you want. Kyrgyz nature created unlimited opportunities for all kinds of extreme sports – paragliding, rafting and kayaking, climbing, skiing, free riding, biking and much more.

The Kyrgyz Republic is becoming popular among extreme lovers, who search for new challenges in the beautiful nature. As the country was relatively closed for the global audience for a decent amount of time and its untouched mountainous character, it offers multiple options for those who want to test themselves on new and unknown playgrounds. Important is the fact, that the sportsmen from rookies to professionals can find the locations and routes suitable for their skills.


Mountaineers are the main representatives of extreme sports, who visit Kyrgyzstan. The mountains represent 90% of country’s territory, with two main mountain systems – Tien Shan and Pamir. The altitude of the peaks varies from 4000 to 7000 metres. The highest and most popular are Peak Pobeda (7439m) [Jengish Chokusu], Khan Tengri (7010m), Peak Lenin (7134m). But the mountain ranges hide the numerous peaks and walls for the first ascenders, which can be climbed and new routes built. Climbers may appreciate the beautiful big walls in the Karavshin area. Area of Aksai glacier at the national park Ala Archa is the great place for initial acclimatisation and preparation.


The gorgeous mountains of Kyrgyz Republic, as well as perfect weather, make this country one of the best places to paraglide. The options are quite wide, flights are available for beginners and advanced paragliders and can last up to several hours. You can choose the area of the country you want to paraglide in, the height of the mountain and see the country from an absolutely different and breathtaking perspective. The popular paragliding locations are found in Chui and Suusamir valleys. High-level expedition paragliders can fly above Tien Shan range at east and south-east of the country. But the country is full of slopes to start the fly and beautiful sceneries to admire.


Kyrgyz’s mountains have an endless amount of glacial rivers that pass through many beautiful gorges, and as many as 7 of them provide excellent conditions for pumping up your adrenaline in cold waters, while enjoying, if you are not too scared, the views of rocky mountains that rise endlessly into the sky. Beginners might enjoy the quiet areas on the river, while the more advanced will be excited to go through extreme rapids. The main rafting rivers are Chu and Chon Kemin (Chui region), Naryn and Kekemeren (Naryn region).