• Region: Batken
  • Best time to visit: Early April
  • Activities: Hiking, Photo shooting

Aigul Tash is known for the brigh-orange flower called Aigul. This flower is the endemic and grows just on the slopes of Aigul Tash. The location is located near Kara-Bulak village in Batken region. Local legend says, the story of the young girl, Aigul, the daughter of the rich man and loved one of the young warrior. Before the couple was able to wed, the loved young man died in the battle. Aigul wasn’t able to bear the grief of his death and threw herself from the top of the local mountain. And now the flowers grow on the places, where girl’s blood fell on the ground. It’s important to visit the hill in April, as the aigul flower blooms only for two weeks during the spring.

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