Culture events and festivals provide the great opportunity to get closer to the culture of nations living in Kyrgyzstan and discover the cultural heritage of the Kyrgyz nomads. The events present the traditions, horse games, handicrafts, folklore and much more. These events help you to understand the unique Kyrgyz culture better. The most colourful events are organised during national holidays, CBT festivals and the World Nomad Games.


Local branches of CBT (Community Based Tourism) organise the popular events and festivals in the regions of Kyrgyzstan each summer. These events present the traditions of the specific region. So you can watch dynamic horse games,witness the eagles hunting, try the handicraft mastership, taste the local cuisine and hear the legends of the region.

These events are organised by the local community and local masters, sportsmen, performers are supported thanks to the event. The performers are semi-professional, which ensures the quality of your experience during the festival.


Among the holidays in Kyrgyzstan, three are the most spectacular for tourists – Nooruz (21st March), Victory Day (9th May) and Independence Day (31st August). During these holidays people in Kyrgyzstan celebrates with their families and friends. The festivals, show, games are organised in the centres of the cities. Folklore shows, performances, concerts, demonstrations of traditions attract people to the square and parks. Cultural centres prepare the special program for these days. Each of these is the colourful spectacle.

Specifically exciting are the horse games and horse racing at the hippodromes. The finals of the kok boru national cups are held during these days at Bishkek hippodrome “Ak Kula”. (Note: It’s better to arrive earlier, as the stadium is becoming overcrowded relatively quickly.)


World Nomad Games has become the highlight of the festivals in the Kyrgyz Republic. This event is held near town Cholpon Ata on the north shore of Issyk Kul lake. Hundreds of sportsmen and representatives of nomadic nations from the whole world meet together to present their culture, traditions, compete together and celebrate the culture of their ancestors. World Nomad Games are definitely the best demonstration of nomadic culture and traditions, as the majority of performers are professionals.

World Nomad Games are organised biannually. The festivals in 2014 and 2016 were successfully organised and helped Kyrgyzstan to gain the attention of the global community. The upcoming WNG are planned for September 2018.