• Region: Issyk Kul
  • Best time to visit: June - October
  • Activities: Hiking, Horse riding, Yurts, Photo shooting
  • Main attractions: Rock formations - Seven Bulls (Jeti Oguz), Broken Heart

Jety-Oguz gorge is one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan located about 28 km west of Karakol. The unusual rock formation, that looks like seven red bulls lying on the ground, attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists from Kyrgyzstan and overseas. Another place around seven bulls that catches the attention of many young couples is a rock called “Maiden’s Tears” due to the shape of the rock. There are several peaks (around 2700 – 3800 meters) that you can conquer or you can choose to hike (or ride a horse) to a nearby waterfall called “Braids”; it will take you only half an hour to get there.

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