National Horse Games Festival

  • Date: 29th July 2017
  • Location: Song Kol lake (north lake shore)
  • Region: Naryn
  • Brief description: National horse games Ulak-Tartysh, Kyz-Kuumai, Tyiyn-Enmei, Er-Enish, folklore show, Kyrgyz cuisine
  • Entrance fee: To be announced by CBT Kochkor

Song Kol shores are the traditional centre for nomads and shepherds from Naryn region, who built their yurt camps here and herded their horses and cattle. Nowadays the location is one of the most popular locations to visit. During the event, locals demonstrate their best abilities during various national games. Visitors may watch the games and folklore in their the natural environment and get closer to the life of ancient Kyrgyz.

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