• Region: Chui region, Ala Archa
  • Best time to visit: all year round
  • Activities: base camp for hiking and climbing on surrounding peaks and glaciers
  • Altitude: 3380m

Ratsek Hut is the small and simple cottage on the base of the peaks around Aksai glacier. The route from Ala Archa Alp Lager to the hut takes approximately 3 hours. The hut and small surrounding plateau for tents are good basecamp for those who plan to hike or climb to the local peaks. But it’s’ recommended to hike to the cottage itself and just watch the local panorama and take some new photos to own collection. The suitable peaks for hiking are Peak Uchitel and Peak Boks. Climbers will appreciate the Peak Korona with its multiple towers. This location is good for the preparation and acclimatisation before more difficult hikes around the country. But if even you have just a few days for Kyrgyzstan, visit the Ratsek hut to see what Kyrgyzstan is about.

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