Issyk Kul, the Pearl of Tien Shan and Kyrgyz nature, attracts the tourists, who desire to relax and enjoy the beautiful combination of the blue lake, sky and snowy mountains. The place so beautiful, it tops the list of the best places to spend the holiday in Central Asia. Having the strong tradition as the summer resort, Issyk Kul offers the variety of options for all its visitors. So you can choose from the pulsing resorts on the north shore to peaceful small yurt camps at the south. The north resorts concentrate around town Cholpon Ata, Bosteri, Tamchy. While their southern counterparts are located at Bokonbayevo and Tamga.

The nature of the lake creates the unique environment for tourism. World’s second largest saline lake is encircled with snowy peaks, which protects it from the northern and southern winds, enjoys the comfortable microclimate. Mountain-sea breezes, low humidity, clean air, abundant solar heat, water infused with therapeutic minerals, hot springs revive the health and spirits of all visitors.

Each shore of the lake has its own character and scenery. The north shore is a traditional destination, occupied by thousands of tourists every summer. This enables the growth of new resorts, better infrastructure and enhanced quality of services. The accommodation facilities of all qualities are spread around the local beaches and each traveller can find the suitable place to spend the time on the sandy beach. Lying on the beach you can buy smoked fish, corn on the cob, drinks or ice cream from the sellers from the local village, who walk around the beaches and loudly promote their tasty offer. Small water parks, water scooters, paragliding and other attractions complete the picture of beaches at the north shore of the lake.

South shore is the centre of ecotourism. The lake here is colder, water cleaner, beaches peacefully empty and the surrounding mountains hides beautiful valleys and gorges. Guest houses and yurt camps provide comfortable conditions for those who travel around the south bank. Even though the infrastructure here lags behind its northern counterpart, the beaches are great to regenerate the body and soul between the tracks.

The main towns and villages are well prepared for tourists’ requirements, so is the infrastructure and facilities. Grocery shops and supermarkets, ATMs, exchange offices, pharmacies, restaurants and small markets with the variety of fresh products.