Amazing autumn colours make National Park Ala Archa the best option for you trips near Bishkek

Autumn nature at Ala Archa National Park near Bishkek

If you wake up and realise that it is already October but you haven’t been to Kyrgyzstan yet, don’t worry, you still have time to enjoy this wild country. Kyrgyz autumn is known for its warm weather and light rains.

Where should you start your “Kyrgyz autumn adventure”? Well, mountain lakes Son-Kul, Sary-Chelek and Kel-Suu are still eager to have last minute cuddles and snuggles with brave adventurers. Rivers are keeping the warmth of the summer just for you to raft and trek.

Chui valley, which is only 30 minutes or 1 hour drive from the capital, still invites you to paraglide or setup camp somewhere in a mountainous valley to enjoy untouched nature, though don’t forget a pair of warm socks.

Take a long walk around the city’s parks to enjoy the colours of our true “Golden Autumn”. Go to the national park Ala-Archa or other natural reserves and groves where you can take a light hike to a waterfall, pick berries and fruit, perhaps write a poem, as every person will be inspired to do something romantic and beautiful.  

The best news is that it is not late for a great horseback adventure. Not far from Bishkek you can enjoy riding a horse through the gorges of Tash-Yrgytma, Chunkurchak and many other places.

November might be colder in the northern regions of Kyrgyzstan, however the South will still be comfortable and warm for travelling. Go to Osh, the 3000 year old city, to explore the famous Osh bazaar, enjoy the sights of Suleiman Too and the delicious food of real Asia. Take your chance to stay a night in a yurt and enjoy some horse riding activities. At the end of the month move to Karakol city which is located at the shore of mountain lake Issyk-Kul. There you can enjoy skiing for a very fair price with all skiing routes for you as not many people will be around. 

Hurry up to enjoy magnificent Kyrgyz autumn, only once a year, only here and now!