Breads piled at Osh Bazaar in Bishkek

In every village or city, you can find markets in Kyrgyzstan. It’s the place where everyday hundreds of people get together. Sellers from Kyrgyzstan, or neighbour countries are trying to sell almost everything. And bazaars are a great spectacle for tourists.

Most of the time markets are multicultural places, with several nationalities (sellers but also tourists). The biggest markets are open every day, and busiest in the morning.

Bishkek has two main markets; Osh Bazaar and Dordoï. You can almost everything you want in each of them, but each bazar has its own specialisation. Osh Bazaar is more famous for meat and vegetables, Dordoï is the place to be for clothes and other stuff. Whatever you need, in those bazaars you’ll find it; clothes, shoes, food, bags, electrical goods, bicycles…

Kyrgyzstan is a quit cheap country, and prices in bazars are even lower than in the city. In Bishkek, Osh Bazaar is the cheapest (a bag costs less than 10$, t-shirts about 4$, and also souvenirs are cheaper than in shopping centers in the city).

While visiting Kyrgyzstan, you can’t miss the bazaars. Even without any needs, bazars are very interesting places. You can easily spend hours just walking, taking pictures, admire the people, the products, the colors, taste Kyrgyz food or fresh bread.

Once a bazar is closed, it’s like walking through a harbor. When it’s open, the place become very dynamic with so many people.

The spices sold in cups and buckets at Osh Bazaar in Bishkek

It’s easy to get to each of the big bazars, mini-buses can take you there from the city-center, or a taxi, which are very cheap. In Bishkek, Osh Bazaar is 3km from the city center, Dordoï 7km. As always in bazars, take care of your money because of pickpockets. Bazaars are very big, be aware of not getting lost. Come back in the city before the markets close, even though those places are quit safe and you’ll not feel uncomfortable.