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Holidays in Kyrgyzstan – enrich your trip with interesting spectacles

Travel experience in Kyrgyzstan has a lot to offer. And you can make it even more interesting if you participate on celebration of one of local holidays. We list 3 main holidays, which offer unique spectacles. If you just plan the dates for your trip, take this days into consideration.

NOORUZ (21st March)

Nooruz is the main Kyrgyz holiday. For old Kyrgyz (and Persians) Nooruz was celebration of New Year. The holiday is connected with spring equinox and it’s celebrated on 21st March, when the day and night last equally 12 hours. This day played the significant role in the life of Kyrgyz and till nowadays it’s associated with various traditions and habits.
These day you can join the celebrations in the city centre or various cultural centres. You can participate on various in various national traditions and games, join various competitions, try sumolok. Horse racing, games and finals of kok-boru cup are held on the hippodromes of the country.
Nooruz is very colourful and cheerful holiday, which offers exceptional experience.


Victory Day, celebrated on 9th of May, has strong tradition and position among holidays in Kyrgyzstan. The main aim of the day is to pay tribute to veterans who fought during WWII and those who supported them from homeland. City centre becomes the scene for various exhibitions and presentations.
Veterans meet at Victory Square, where they put the flowers to the Eternal flame. Young people and organisation support the veterans during this day, gift them the flowers and support them. Here you can see the exhibition of of historical military equipment, vehicles, weapons, etc.
The main Victory Parade is hold on the Ala-Too square, where you can see the marching soldiers, equipment, vehicles and tanks. The parade is closed by the overflight of military jets and helicopters.


Independence day is the significant for every nation. Kyrgyz Republic gained its independence at 31st August 1991. The anniversary is celebrated ceremoniously all over the country. Squares and streets of cities are decorated specifically for this day. People spend the day with their families and friends in the city parks. You can watch various national games and performances at the main square. Local people organise various competitions and games, which you can just watch, or even participate. The hippodrome in Bishkek is the scene of horse racing and finals of kok-boru national cup. Here you can see Kyrgyz national games at its best. In the evening you can enjoy the music concert and fireworks at the Ala-Too square.

These holidays are important for Kyrgyz citizens and they celebrate them adequately. If you want to get to know the atmosphere of local celebrations, get into the crowed and enjoy the day as they do.

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