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13 Reasons to become a digital nomad in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is well-known for its pure and wild nature, beautiful lakes, waterfalls, unique culture and food, and so much more. But did you know that the Kyrgyz Republic has a potential to become the next “hot destination” for digital nomads?!

Here we enlisted major reasons to choose Kyrgyzstan as a perfect destination:

2 months visa freedom

The Kyrgyz Republic gives up to 60 days without visa to citizens of 45 countries. In case you decide to stay longer, you can visit the nearest Kazakh city – Almaty, and after a few days come back to Kyrgyzstan. An additional 20 countries can obtain a visa at any embassy or upon arrival directly at Manas airport. 


The “stan” suffix can seem scary, but first impressions are often misleading. Kyrgyzstan is not like other “stans” you may know. It is the most democratic country in Central Asia, with its own journey towards democracy. You can feel distinct freedom here. Safety on the streets? As in any other city in the world, you never know what might happen in a dark street. However, most of the streets here are safer than in many other countries.

Affordable accommodation

Bishkek, the capital, offers a great deal of cheap and spacious accommodation for rent (according to numbeo.com, the rent in the Kyrgyz Republic is 21.08 % lower than in Thailand, another digital nomad hot spot). The rent depends on the district of the city. For the first days in your new city, you can find a hostel for a fair-price or hosts via couchsurfing. During your trips around the country you can stay in numerous guest houses or you can be lucky and meet a hospitable local family, which can host you. Staying with locals is always a great way to learn and explore the culture and traditions.

Available internet connection

As a digital nomad you are addicted to internet. Local providers offer you some fair programs. If you stay in the capital, expect $15 a month to get high speed internet. You can also buy a modem with unlimited 4G internet provided by telephone operators. You can always find a coffee shop with a free and decent WIFI connection. Co-working as a concept is also gaining traction in Bishkek. Last thing to mention, no global online services are banned in Kyrgyzstan.

Your beloved coffee is also here

In the capital you can find a wide range of Coffee Houses. Many of these are popular meeting points for expats. A cup of cappuccino is only $1.60! Kyrgyz are a tea nation, with their own tea traditions and culture, so maybe you will switch to delicious and freshly made (not just a boring teabag) tea.

Delicious and organic food

Central Asia has always been a crossroad of cultures and this significantly impacted the variety of cuisine presented in Bishkek. If you are meat lover, you will enjoy local cuisine, which is traditionally rich in meat. As an experienced nomad you will appreciate the variety of foreign cuisines in the city. All types of cuisines can be find in Bishkek, so you will be able to enjoy your favourite asian or european specialities. If you are vegan, you can find some nice spots; our vegan community is growing here, but we’d advise you to practice your cooking skills before arrival.

Mountains are your neighbours

Kyrgyzstan will attract you with its beautiful mountains. 94% of the country is covered by mountains and snowy peaks are always around the corner. One of the world’s highest mountain ranges offers a great number of opportunities for hikes, adventures and even extreme sports. Mountain lovers will find the promised land here.

Enjoy the world from a saddle

Horses are a significant part of Kyrgyz culture. You can see them grazing in the countryside. Almost every village offers a guided horse tour. Horses here are calm and you will definitely enjoy the ride, even if you are a rookie. Get to know the country from the horse saddle. Let your guide to tell you stories of horse games and traditions.

Extreme Sport activities

Kyrgyzstan with its nature and wildness seems specifically created for extreme sports. The country offers unique opportunities for climbing, skiing, rafting, paragliding. The active lifestyle is becoming popular and many sport events are organised around the country. Kyrgyzstan offers amazing opportunities, as many mountains are still unclimbed, many passes undiscovered and rivers unexplored.

Experience distinct changes of seasons

Kyrgyzstan has 4 seasons, each with its own beauty and activities. You never get bored. In the winter ski in our resorts, in the summer swim in our famous lake.

Unique lifestyle at Bazaars

Bazaars are a part of local lifestyle. Food and products from the bazaar are more tasty and fresh, you can make new friends with kind and friendly sellers at your market. You can find many small bazaars around the city. The famous ones are Osh bazaar and Dordoi. While the first one is the best place for fresh food, fruits or vegetables, its counterpart is the biggest spot for apparel in Central Asia.

Exciting neighbour countries

Kyrgyzstan is the center and heart of Central Asia. It is surrounded by interesting neighbours, which are worth visiting. Within a few hours you can get to Kazakhstan, admire beautiful architecture in Uzbekistan, travel the Pamir highway in Tajikistan or enjoy the Chinese culture in the near Chinese provinces. In Bishkek you can get a visa for all these countries.

Cool people and new friends

Kyrgyz are a great, kind and hospitable people, one of the best you can meet. Young people are always curious and excited to talk to foreigners, show them the city, discuss various topics, get to know about you and your story as much as possible. Not everybody speaks English, but they make up for it with an immense effort to communicate with you. Expats have their niche in city life, and you can spot them hanging out in many diverse places around the city.

Come and see it all for yourself, be the first to witness the boom of the digital market in the heart of Central Asia, the Kyrgyz Republic.

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