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New Boundaries For Adventure – Discover Adrenaline Opportunities In Tien Shan

Kyrgyz Republic is well-known for its beautiful mountains, some of the highest in the world, untouched nature, horse riding, unique culture and traditions steeped in nomadic history, however not many people know that Kyrgyz Republic is also popular as a great spot for extreme sport and adventure lovers. Breathtaking views, fresh air, kind people and low prices create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the adrenaline rush as many times as you want.


The gorgeous mountains of Kyrgyz Republic as well as perfect weather make this country one of the best places to paraglide. The options are quite wide, flights are available for beginners and advanced paragliders and can last up to several hours. You can choose the area of the country you want to paraglide in, the height of the mountain and see the country from an absolutely different and breathtaking perspective.

Rafting and Kayaking

Kyrgyz’s mountains have an endless amount of glacial rivers that pass through many beautiful gorges, and as many as 7 of them provide excellent conditions for pumping up your adrenaline in cold waters, while enjoying, if you are not too scared, the views of rocky mountains that rise endlessly into the sky. Beginners might enjoy the quiet areas on the river, while the more advanced will be excited to go through extreme rapids.

RideThePlanet: Kyrgyzstan Whitewater from Konstantin Galat.


Climbing is perhaps one of the most spectacular and extreme sports. Climbers spend weeks and months to overcome some mountain routes, but more importantly to conquer the elements and behold their true selves. Kyrgyz Republic might become a heaven for climbers as it has a lot of rocky areas of various difficulties spread across the country and alpine . Not only rock climbing, but also ice climbing, as our snow mountains will give you this opportunity 365 days a year.

Mountainbike Adventure

As you can already understand and imagine, the mountains of Kyrgyz Republic attract many people. Mountain bikers are no exception, as the challenge to conquer the mountains as great as ours, draws true bikers to test their skills and courage. You will be surprised to find a great variety of tours, for beginners and advanced, one day/week/month and up, crossing rivers, swimming in the mountain glacial lakes, standing under the streams of gorgeous waterfalls, staying a night in a Yurta, meeting the kindest local people, all that while riding your bike.

Sky over Kirgistan “Mountainbike in Central Asia” from Puria Ravahi.

Skiing and snowboarding

Mountains occupy 94% of Kyrgyz’s territory and it’s no wonder that this country should be your Number One choice for skiing and snowboarding. Many ski resorts are built on smooth hillsides with long slopes, and that contributes to their popularity among skiers. Trails are usually quite long and steep, but at the same time, you can easily find excellent gentle slopes for beginners and children. We dare true skiers to come and try to gain the respect of our mountains.

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