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Karolina: Kyrgyz people want to help you at every step

Why Kyrgyzstan? What made you choose this country?
Traveling is my biggest passion and I have been to many countries. I had been dreaming about exploring something totally new and undiscovered, then I got an e-mail from AIESEC in Kyrgyzstan. I realized that this country had to be my next travel destination.

Coming to Kyrgyzstan, what were your expectations?
I wanted to see virgin nature – unpolluted lakes and rivers, fascinating mountain ranges. Nevertheless, my expectations were exceeded!

What was the first thing that grabbed you (in a positive or negative way) about Kyrgyzstan?
On my way to Kyrgyzstan I stopped in Istanbul where I met Tamara – first Kyrgyz in my life. I was impressed by her openness and willingness to help. After few days in Bishkek, I realized that is totally normal for Kyrgyz people and that they want to help you at every step.

Sunset over lake Song Kol.

Which places have you visited? Which place did you like the most and recommend it to visit?
We have visited many beautiful places, for instance Issyk Kul, Tash Rabat, Osh, Skazka Canyon. My number one is Son Kol Lake – I still remember football match on the green meadow, close to the lake when our silhouettes fitted perfectly into the red sky burning from the setting sun.

What Kyrgyz food (or drink) was your favourite and least favourite?
The most delicious dish was plow. I am also a big fan of bread – I just love the way it looks like. The one Kyrgyz food I do not really like is kashk (kurut).

Can you name the three things, that you loved about Kyrgyzstan?
Mountains, animals, hospitality.

Would you recommend others to come to Kyrgyzstan? Why?
Yes, without a doubt! People’s  hospitality, stunning mountains, breathtaking lakes, crystal clear air, huge open spaces and rapid rivers. Photos can mot show how beautiful this country is.

About the valley of Tash Rabat.

What advices would you share with other travellers, who plan to visit Kyrgyzstan
It is immensely important to take good trekking shoes and a warm, waterproof jacket. Kyrgyzstan has many beautiful mountains, where weather conditions change immediately so it is necessary to remember about appropriate clothes.

If you had to choose one word to describe Kyrgyzstan, what would be it?
I would choose nature. I was really impressed by all these incredible views.

Sayakat project is the initiative of AIESEC in Kyrgyzstan, which invites young volunteers and enthusiasts to travel around Kyrgyzstan and share their experience with global audience.

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